Bad Boy Illustrations - EK

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Eric Kuldell is an illustrator and graphic designer from Northern Virginia. After studying Graphic Design at James Madison University, he moved back to his hometown to work on his illustration career, which he regretted not pursuing earlier.
Eric is known for his colorful, bold, and sensual pin ups, which he fell in love with during his brief stint in fashion design, his only formal art experience before college. He is now working as a freelance artist, doing cover art for music & podcasts, merchandise designs, logos, and illustrations for his Easy shop (Bad Boy Illustration).
Clients include local artists Lucy J and MoreiSee, and international artists Tasha Dean and Bree Runway. A self-proclaimed “bad boy”, his intentions are anything but bad. Eric hopes his art will inspire others to feel comfortable in their own skin and to live their lives a bit more vibrantly.
One day he hopes to write his own graphic novels encapsulating his experiences in the LGBTQIA community.

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